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Rethinking Supply Chains

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Case Study: How Replenishing Inventory by Pulling it thru the Supply Chain increases profits

Better Inventory Management Requires Products with a high I.Q.
What makes a SmartProduct?
A SmartProduct is always available on your shelves, resists being in surplus and is much more likely to be sold at full markup than an average product. With SmartProducts there is no uncertainty, no guess work and, best of all, no forecasting.   The end result is a better Inventory Management Process.

Our SmartProducts have a high I.Q. (Inventory Quotient) which measures the balance between sales and stock levels, something that SmartProducts balance automatically resulting in greater profit with less investment.

What’s so smart about SmartProducts?
SmartProduct Inventory is based on Retail Flow, IDEA’s exclusive replenishment process. Retail Flow makes things easy: instead of moving through the supply chain based on the flawed guesswork of inventory forecasting, SmartProducts are dynamically pooled and replenished based on actual consumer demand.

Increased Sales and Increased Margins
With IDEA’s SmartProducts you get the quality and competitiveness to which you are accustomed. Some competitors might match our prices, some may even match our product quality, but none can match SmartProducts’ ability to simplify inventory management, increase sales and margins, reduce out-of-stock scenarios and dramatically improve your bottom line.

Goodbye Guesswork
No one wants to lose a sale because a hot product has sold out, but ordering in quantity to "play it safe" leads to delays and added inventory expense. Whether it was a surprise hit or you were already expecting great sales, the high I.Q. built into a SmartProduct means you'll never over-order and you'll never be out of stock.

What about my existing POS?
SmartProducts are designed to save you time and money– not spend it. SmartProducts are easy to implement, working with your existing point-of-sale systems so you don't spend time and money replacing software.

SmartProducts and your products
We are continually updating our product lines and manufacturers, but if you're having issues with any of your current suppliers, IDEA can help. An Elucidate implementation can fix your suppliers — particularly those offshore. The results are much shorter replenishment time and better due date performance.

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