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Rethinking Supply Chains

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Case Study: How Replenishing Inventory by Pulling it thru the Supply Chain increases profits

Is our SmartConsulting Right for You?

Using our SmartConsulting methodology we can help any company that holds physical inventory significantly increase sales and margins, reduce surplus inventory, and lower carrying costs. To determine to what extent this would be true for you, we take you through our Seven Steps to Results process. The Seven Steps program ensures a full understanding of what makes our consulting “smart” and determines how dramatically we can improve your bottom line and cash position.

A Philosophy of Win-Win:  Fees based on Results
We believe so strongly in our process of inventory and supply chain management that we base a majority of our fees on your results.  A Consulting relationship with us means you earn more money and produce far more cash than we charge in fees and those fees are paid only after you get the results.  We guarantee your results in the most practical way possible.  

IDEA Can Help
Starting in your stores or with your finished goods, we collect consumption data (POS or sales) and feed it into the software portion of our inventory management system, Elucidate .  Then, instead of periodic reordering which already consumes too much of the time of your highly skilled and experienced staff, Elucidate replenishes what was consumed.  Instead of ordering your products weeks in advance based on forecasts, you place smaller orders more often based on actual demand. The result: your products are much more likely to be both available for sale and sold at full markup.  Your sales and margins increase while you reduce your investment in inventory, producing a flood of cash.

At a Glance

Inventory Replenishment Chart showing how an inventory pull system is more efficient way of inventory forecasting

Inventory Forecasting is the Issue
There is one certain truth about inventory forecasting - the forecast is always wrong.  Inventory  Forecasts give false confidence that the orders you place will be sized to both avoid shortages and cobwebs.  Companies all over the world spend billions every year to get better inventory forecasts.  Has all that money spent on forecasts eliminated shortages and surpluses?  The answer is no.  Shortages and surpluses are still a fact of life for almost all companies because they suffer from the fatal flaw of forecasting!

IDEA Removes the Guess Work
With IDEA's Elucidate approach you don't rely on forecasting!  Elucidates turns your products into SmartProducts.   Inventory is replaced based entirely on actual demand.  As a product is sold it pulls its replacement throughout the supply chain.  The result is drastically reduced inventory levels, elimination of over stocks and sell outs.  The inevitable consequences are, most importantly, increased sales and margins!

Building a Responsive Supply Chain
Once the consumption points are operating according to a demand-based replenishment approach, IDEA moves upstream to regional distribution centers, to central distribution centers and then to your vendors or manufacturing plants.  Software alone is insufficient.  The prevailing culture of batching and forecasting does great damage throughout the supply chain.  People are blind to it because they have never seen anything else.  IDEA changes perceptions.  We show a new way.  We open eyes.  Simply stated, IDEA leads a paradigm shift.  

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