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Rethinking Supply Chains

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guided presentation on Elucidate that explains the 
problems without it, the opportunities it offers and 
the changes required to improve.
Case Study: How Replenishing Inventory by Pulling it thru the Supply Chain increases profits

Five Steps to Results
IDEA uses a proof based approach.  You don't invest time or money until we both know Elucidate will be beneficial:

1) Introduction
A quick conversation about improving the flow of product (much more sales supported by less inventory) with actual examples to check for interest. 

2) Get Specific
Every company is different. Simulations using your actual data on representative products are performed. We return to share a summary of the simulated results with top management.  

If the opportunity is deemed attractive enough, a 1/2 day meeting is set with a broader audience to explain the results, answer questions and use
management’s knowledge to estimate the magnitude of Elucidate’s impact on the company.

3) Proof of Concept
We embark on a live test with a subset of your products. IDEA's top people perform the test so that there is no added workload required from you.  Once the actual benefits are clear, we formalize the terms of an engagement which are in both parties' best interests.

4) Full buy-in
Too many business reengineering efforts fail due to of lack of commitment. We share a customized strategic plan detailing how to build a decisive competitive edge for the company and capitalize on it. Included is implementation logic of why each step is needed when, what actions to take, how they produce results and how each step fits into the larger whole. We take the time needed with top management to gain a unanimous recommendation to the CEO or the Board of Directors to fully implement Elucidate.

5) Rollout and Review
The remaining products, suppliers and customers are addressed.  Results are tracked.  During regular audits, opportunities are found and any deviations are identified and corrections made. 
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