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Rethinking Supply Chains

 Click for a self
guided presentation on Elucidate that explains the 
problems without it, the opportunities it offers and 
the changes required to improve.
Case Study: How Replenishing Inventory by Pulling it thru the Supply Chain increases profits


The tools you can find at the link above come from Kraig Kramers,

a master businessman, speaker, turn around specialist, CEO,

not to mention energetic and fun guy.


Abe WalkingBear Sanchez

Works magic on Accounts Receivables the way IDEA works on Inventory.

Why not manage both assets better?

This site sells materials that explain the

Theory of Constraints body of knowledge.

This site features videos which explain Theory of Constraint concepts.

Many are of Eli Goldratt.

The American Apparel Producers Network (AAPN) is group of manufacturers

throughout the Americas and the companies that support them. Taken

together the network is a capable, cost effective and, not less

importantly, fast response supply chain to retailers.

CGN offers a comprehensive spectrum of consulting expertise that

delivers cost savings and operational improvement in the short-term

and sustainable strategic advantage in the long term.

Nous Consulting

Nous Consulting in Italy is a partner using IDEA's Elucidate methodology

to improve flow and availability of physical goods through supply chains.

Think Shift Advertising Inc

If you like our videos, logos, flash animations, graphic design and

the way our message is delivered, you may care to contact Think Shift

our marketing agency.  David Baker is their CEO.


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