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Why not go with the flow?

That is, unless you want to stagnate.  By Henry Fitzhugh Camp, February 12, 2018

Sadly, as of this writing early in the 21st century, stagnation is normal for most companies.  Oh, there are exceptions.  For example, if you had $100 on May 5th 1970 and wanted to buy shares of Procter and Gamble’s common stock, you would have gotten 656 shares.  Today, as I write these words, right after a steep correction, those 656 shares are worth $53,070.40 nearly forty-eight years later.  That’s roughly 11% per year appreciation, adjusted for inflation.  Compare that to the Dow Jones Industrials constant dollar growth rate of 2.57%

If this kind of high and sustainable growth is going on in your company, you already know the secret.  You can stop reading now.

If you company is stuck, like two out of five of mine are right now, you may be interested in downloading an essay I wrote about what to do about it.

Here is a teaser.

While there are many ways to fail.  There is one common circumstance for companies that should have survived but didn’t as well as companies that are stuck in a sales range that seems to be limited by a glass ceiling. 

The real restriction is combining a healthy desire to protect potential profits with the lack of a constraints perspective.  Together, these two inevitably result in a lack of free capacity.  After all, capacity costs money, either in terms of operating expenses paid each month or investment sunk in the company.


A capacity shortage expresses itself in two ways.  It results in lost sales and margin that could have fallen to the bottom line.  Although less obvious, in the end even more insidious, is the lack of capacity to improve. 

Without free capacity to improve, your company will be surpassed by competitors.  Remember, you can be on the right road but, if you don’t move with the flow of traffic or faster, you are in danger of being struck from behind and run over.  It will happen.  It is just a matter of time.

My essay, explains how to manage capacity to enhance flow, both the value stream flow of products and services out to your customers and, also, the flow of improvement projects that enable you to continuously break through into new and ever more profitable territory. 

Read all 19 pages, if you are interested, by clicking below.


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