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Rethinking Supply Chains

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Case Study: How Replenishing Inventory by Pulling it thru the Supply Chain increases profits


Connectedness and Deming

Thanks to Mark Stanley who sent this corroborating explanation from Dr. W. Edwards Deming pointing out the tight congruence between my Connectedness and Deming's Interdependence.  Labor Day 2011

Excerpt from: Deming – The New Economics – Pages 96 / 97





Coming from different theoretical starting points, through experimentation and observation Ford, Ohno, Toyoda, Deming, Drucker, Goldratt and others all arrived as the same conclusion: the global goal must be the only goal pursued.  The strategy of myriad unrestrained and unfocused improvements is fatally flawed but like smoking cigarettes does not always kill or may not do so quickly.  Do you like your odds?

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This article underlines the greatest Business strategy of all - Collaboration - simply stated, "my people talk to each other". That elusive factor that is extremely difficult to buy with a boardroom decision. Many investments can be bought with a boardroom decree all but "Collaboration".

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